10 Things In Your Bedroom That May Be Killing You Slowly

Usually, when articles discuss cancer-causing elements in our lifestyle they usually refer to diet and exercise.

And for good reason, they are critical to preventive health care and the avoidance of cancer.

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The truth is we also tend to have carcinogenic items (not food) in our homes that we aren’t aware of and can be equally damaging to our health.

Some of them will seem more obvious than others, but things like the shoe-thing caught me by surprise. Here are the 12 cancer-causing items to take a look at:

1. Replace cotton pillows and pillowcases

Pillows and pillowcases are usually made with cotton, which seems safe enough, right? What you probably didn’t know is that cotton is one of the most pesticide-sprayed plants – naturally, this is not good for your health.

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Try using stuff made with hemp or linen, or simply go with “organic” cotton; even though it’s a little more expensive, it’s worth it. Also, you can’t go wrong with getting some shredded hypoallergenic memory foam pillows (we recommend this). You can add drapes and rugs to the list as well.

2. Get rid of fake furniture

Sure, fake leather can look as good as the real stuff, but it’s not good for your health. Synthetic leather is made from PVC, an endocrine disruptor that can damage several organs in the body. Whatsmore is that synthetic furniture can leak formaldehyde and ammonia, two carcinogenic agents that accelerate the tumor growth.

3. Toss clothes made of inorganic materials

Much of our clothes have synthetic materials processed with liquid coal or gasses. Look out for nylon, Teflon, and PVC because they also release carcinogens that get absorbed into the body. Again, replace these items with one made of organic material.

5. No-VOC Paint

Most paint used in homes are carcinogenic as well, so go look for non-volatile organic compound paints.

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6. Indoor shoes and outdoor shoes

The quick and dirty here is have two sets of shoes. Ones that you always wear and keep outside (never bring them inside), and ones you wear indoors should you care to walk around your home with some type of footwear on. This prevents harmful substances from being tracked into your clean, sanitary home. 

7. Avoid using electronic devices in your bedroom

Remove the TV and WiFi tower from your bedroom. Also, avoid using any device that connects to the Internet or has blue tooth capabilities. All of which are strongly correlated with sleep disorders and EMFs are correlated to cancer development.

8. Replace your mattress every year

Most mattresses are sprayed with flame retardants and various cancer-causing chemicals. Not only is it more sanitary to replace your mattress once a year, it is also suggested to use ones made with organic materials and covered by organic materials at the very least. 

9. Remove particle board furniture

Let’s just say a little formaldehyde in the air goes a long way. Not in a good way.

10. Use HEPA air cleaner

Air cleaners with HEPA filters (we recommend this) will remove most toxins, especially formaldehyde, from your home. I put one in my bedroom so I can sleep better, as well as one in my living room.

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