Oncologist Urges: Eat 2-Day Meal Plan, ‘It Starves Cancer, Reverses Diabetes, and Helps You Lose Weight Fast’

Experts have different definitions of what a “plant-based” diet is, but the one that I subscribe to is one where you try to eat mostly plants and hardly any meat. And, if you choose to eat meat you opt for open-range, organically-sourced from local farmers.

In other words, you don’t have to become a strict vegan that eats nuts and branches for breakfast to get healthy.

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The truth is, going vegetarian isn’t necessarily the best option for everyone, 20% of us would actually get sick, but for the other 80% it’s a pretty safe bet against chronic illnesses. [1, 2] And as I will keep stating, you can go “plant-based” and eat some open-range, organically-sourced meat and this diet would be ideal for 98% of us.

One important difference between plant-based diets and the Western diet is that they consistently demonstrate less occurrence of cancer incidents — and the difference is quite pronounced. [3, 4]

Research published in the Journal of Nutrition, suggests we need whole foods from the earth (not supplements) that provide naturally occurring anti-oxidants with the phyto-chemicals. It is estimated that 1/3 of all cancer deaths in the United States could have prevented through a plant-based diet. [4]

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Research conducted at Loma Linda University studied 70,000 participants and found a significantly lower incidence of cancer in vegetarian participants vs. non-vegetarian participants.

To expand on a point made earlier, I don’t think that it’s necessarily meat that’s causing cancer, it’s how we are producing the meat. I would find it hard to believe if we all raised cows and chickens on acres of land in our own backyards and sourced our meat in the same fashion we did 200 years ago, we would have the same cancer rates.

Keep in mind also, that 200 years ago our food wasn’t loaded with preservatives, pesticides, and synthetic chemicals all designed to produce more food in a way that is killing our planet and compromising our morals with how animals are being treated.

Why Going Plant-Based Is Optimal for Weight Loss

Recently there was a study on weight loss that revealed that vegetarians lost weight close to 200% faster than the control group. It gets better, 90% of the participants learned that it was easier to start losing weight after they quit eating meat.

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I know what you’re thinking, of course, you’ll lose weight if all you’re eating are leaves. What many fail to see is that plant foods aren’t about just eating salads. Most plant foods are loaded nutrients with optimal fuel for your body and things like almonds, quinoa, beans will keep you feeling full without being infused with sugar.

Studies have estimated that over 22.8 million people (10 percent of US adults) are vegetarian and they weigh 3-20% less than regular eaters.

And to appeal to those of you who are a little lazy, a healthy vegetarian diet leads to a healthier weight without having to add/increase exercise.

Having less cancer and obesity are clearly two great reasons to go plant-based, but how does lower blood pressure lower cholesterol levels, fewer cases of diabetes, dementia and rheumatoid arthritis, sound?

2-Day Meal Plan

You can repeat this meal plan as long as you like so that it becomes a 30-day meal plan if you choose. People over 200 pounds can increase the amounts/quantities of food by 25%.

Day 1

  • Breakfast
    • Vegan protein shake, 1 organic banana, 2 tablespoons of natural almond butter
  • Mid-morning
    • Bowl of lentil soup, cucumber salad with cherry tomatoes and avocado
  • Lunch
    • Veggie burger, kale salad with handful of pumpkin seeds, apple
  • Post-Workout
    • Avocado and quinoa wrap with sweet ginger dressing, 1 organic banana, vegan protein shake
  • Before bed
    • Vegan protein shake, 1 tablespoon of natural almond butter

Day 2

  • Breakfast
    • Bowl of steel-cut oatmeal, vegan protein shake
  • Mid-morning
    • Apple, 1 cup organic strawberries, 1 organic cucumber
  • Lunch
    • Large salad with mixed greens
    • Mixed beans with artichokes and sprouts
    • Vegan protein shake
  • Post-Workout
    • Celery sticks with natural almond butter
  • Dinner
    • Veggie burrito with quinoa, beans, and avocado
    • Spinach salad with vinegarette
  • Before bed
    • Vegan protein shake, mixed nuts

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