Dr. Crespo, Cancer Researcher, Found Dead in NY’s Upper East Side Hospital Bathroom

This has the look and feel of the famous stem cell cancer researcher who was found dead wearing fetish outfit, hanging from a tree. His family said he’d just gone to walk the dog.

More recently, cancer researcher Miguel Crespo was found dead in a bathroom of a New York hospital. The Health Nut News has been documenting these strange deaths (up to 79 doctors now) and the bigger picture here is starting to look obvious, but I could be wrong.

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Their goal (and ours) is not to cultivate paralyzing fear, but bring some light to events that need our attention so we can start to speak up and affect change, in light of the losses their families are incurring.

Crespo was discovered with drug paraphernalia (aluminum foil, pen cap, etc.) and it appears he was vomiting before his passing. Some are saying that he died from a drug overdose, while others a suggesting something more sinister at play.

Any way you slice it, doctors these days are under enormous pressure and have profoundly unhealthy working lifestyles. Some blame Big Pharma for this.

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The video below doesn’t reflect the most current number of 79 deaths, but it still gives you more info on what’s happening:


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