Tighten Facial Skin and Smooth Wrinkles Away using Natural Oils In 24 Hours

Who wants soft and youthful skin? Well, you can have it and age gracefully it turns out.

This homemade lotion can help reverse the appearance of aging by tightening your skin and also be used for eczema and preventing stretch marks. It gives your skin a nice vibrant glow too!

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Your skin plays a substantial role in protecting your body. It helps keep you from getting sick or having damage to your bones, muscles, and internal organs.

It holds body fluids in, prevents dehydration, and keeps harmful microbes and tiny creepy crawlies out—without it, we would get infections all the time. Yes, there are millions of microscopic assassins out to get us, 24/7.

Your skin is full of nerve endings that help you feel things like heat, cold, and pain. If you couldn’t feel these things, you could get badly hurt and not even know it!

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Breakdown of Benefits of Lotion

Coconut oil helps strengthen your skin, deep within the underlying tissue and is a natural moisturizer. It is also a powerful antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial agent, which helps keep your skin healthy and youthful.

Shea butter is kind of a skin health rockstar. It smooths out blemishes and wrinkles like hot iron. It also relieves itching, sunburns, scratches, allergies, eczema, and insect bites.

Jojoba oil acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and soothes the skin and is also known for treating acne.

Vitamin E specializes in keeping us young looking. It does this by blocking free radicals, which play a major role in the aging process.

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Beeswax seals in moisture and also has anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antibacterial properties.

Homemade Coconut Oil Lotion Recipe



  1. Put a glass bowl on top of a pan on the stove and add some water to the pan.
  2. Add of all of the ingredients, except the vitamin E, in a glass bowl.
  3. Turn the stove top on to med-high heat to get the water hot enough to melt the ingredients.
  4. As the ingredients melt, mix everything together and once melted, add vitamin E oil.
  5. Make sure you keep stirring throughout the process.
  6. Once it’s a liquid, pour into a mason jar for storage/use later.

Use Baking Soda on Skin with Caution:

There are a lot of articles including baking soda as an ingredient for skin remedies. We suggest that you avoid using baking soda on your skin. This can be a very bad idea for some more than others, but nonetheless. If you have sensitive skin, you’re likely to find alkaline substances like baking soda irritating.

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